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Hey guys,

So a bit more on why I started the podcast. I went into medicine with an idea of where I wanted to go and what to expect from medicine. Now, with healthcare changing so much and the role of the doctor evolving with it, I’m discovering that there’s so much more beyond clinics and academia to what medics can do while still holding the patient’s best interests at heart.

One thing I lacked was information and so I started Medic’s Motive, to motivate and inspire myself and anyone listening to find out more about what medicine can offer and what we can add to medicine beyond the traditionals routes/paths.

From each episode, you'll hear the journeys of inpsiring medics with motives in various fields such as leadership and management, data science, artificial intelligence and entrpreneurship. Through conversation you'll get more of an insight of their experiences and leave with their top 3 cheesy pearls of wisdom to help in your own journeys.

For more on the motivations behind process of why I got started,you can read my Not So Clinical Handover here on the HLA's blog.

Below you'll find published episodes of Medic's Motive and every fortnight, you’ll find new episodes with inspiring New Medics including the rest of the New Medic team - Abdel and Ivan.

The New Medic team hopes you guys enjoy and gain something from these inspiring stories and subscribe to hear more.








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Kundai Rukambiro

Kundai Rukambiro

UCL 3rd Year Medical Student. Currently studying for an iBSc in Paediatrics and Child Health. Founder of Medic's Motive podcast

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