About thenewmedic.com

thenewmedic.com exists to share thoughts and ideas for and from a new generation of medics - medical students and doctors. We like to call this new generation - ‘The New Medics’.

So what is the new medic - The New Medic is a new generation of medics who complete medical school and train as doctors, having developed skills and experience that help them change, improve and evolve healthcare beyond clinical care - all with the ambition of improving health outcomes for people. This is our hope!

The ‘new medic’ concept for us was born out of a simple facebook group previously titled ‘Leaders in Healthcare’s future’. Now titled ‘The New Medic collective’ - with over 280 medics accepted to join. The facebook group originally set out to create a progressive community of medical students who wanted to use their medical degree to be and do more. To solve the issues of the world in a way the current medical school training was not designed to support. We talk more about what the ‘the new medic’ concept is about for us here

Today, with thenewmedic.com, we hope this blog will be the online home for 'the new medic'. Sharing thoughts and ideas that inspire a new generation of medics to truly change the world.

Let us know your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and more. We are always looking for people to help, write and take this community of new medics to new heights.

The team

Behind this all is a team of medical students (pictured below) who do our best to embody the concept of ‘the new medic’ and help others do the same.

84B1FECC-5144-42C1-B41F-837C1F7E6310Photo taken at Nandos. From Left to right: Kundai Rukambiro (UCL Medical student), Ivan Beckley (UCL Medical Student), Abdel Mahmoud (UCL Medical student), Ali Abdaal (University of Cambridge Medical Student)

Ivan Beckley

Ivan Beckley

UCL Medical Student currently completing a UCL MSc in Health Data Science. Determined to build a positive future for healthcare.

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